Truck bumpers

What is a truck bumper?

A truck bumper is a structure attached to front and rear of a vehicle or truck, and was invented by a British mechanical engineer Frederick Richard Simms in 1901. Initial the bumper was designed mainly for cars, however in 1967 the NHTSA regulated the instalment of a rear bumper on trucks after the death if Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield in a motor vehicle/truck accident. The bumper is usually made of a plastic mould which consists of a steel re-enforcement bar underneath. However not all bumpers are designed the same as truck come in various shapes and sizes, and each bumper is designed to fit the shape of the truck. Premium Front Bumper


What is the purpose of a truck bumper?

The main purpose of a bumper, front and rear, is to absorb the energy of a low collision impact. This does not apply to high collision impacts. The purpose however of a truck bumper is not only to absorb energy in a low collision impact, but also to prevent underride collisions with smaller vehicles. Truck bumpers, especially for large scale trucks, require the bumpers to be at least 22 inches from the ground. Black Steel Front Bumper


Regular maintenance 

After 1967, although it was a requirement for trucks to have both front and rear bumpers, there was no regulation for the maintenance of this bumpers, especially after the bumper was dammed. However, in 1996 regulations were placed for regular maintenance of the truck bumper, and more so recently in 2015. 


If you are a truck owner, it is crucial to ensure that your front and rear truck bumpers are regularly maintained and replaced if required. If the truck bumpers are not maintained this can cause a safety hazard, as there are close to 500 people who die due underride collisions annually in the united states. Black Steel Rear Bumper


Top 5 Benefits to Hire Shuttle Service for Airport

Shuttle services for airport is considered as fastest and most economical way to travel to and from airport. These services not just save time for people but they are also a cheaper way of transportation. Most of these services are offered free of cost by hotels and airlines, while others charge a nominal amount as fare. They can accommodate more people and people need not to worry about their baggage not fitting into the car trunk. Here are some advantages of hiring a shuttle service over taxi and limo services. Airport Shuttle Service

Cost Efficient

Shuttle facility all over the world is among most cost effective means of traveling. People while travelling in them can save more than 50% of their amount which could be charged by taxi or limo services. Also, these services can offer more significant value over other means of moving.


Almost in all the big cities, you can find shuttle facility to and from hotels. However, many people consider travelling with public transport they can vary depending on cities from buses to trains and subways. All of these choices need passengers to move their baggage to the required stop, leaving travelers tired and shattered. People can also experience confusion about what stop is nearer to their hotel. On the other hand, shuttle facilities provide passengers with security of their luggage along with comfort of pick and dropto final point. Ground Shuttle Service


Most of these providers offer facility to schedule their pick and drop time and location online. They guarantee their passengers to arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. Having this guarantee, you are at ease of your mind to reach airport or hotel on time.

Qualified Drivers

Most of these shuttles have drivers with great knowledge about city. They can make your trip more enjoyable by making you able to see landmarks and other beauties of city while going to and from airport.

Luxury Alternative

Most of cities offer luxury facilities to their passengers. They provide luxury services by offering share a ride facility in limo and other luxury cars. Although, they use luxury expensive cars, still their charges are much economical. However, it is of great importance to research enough when you think to travel some other city. This will not just help you make your decision better, but also facilitates in many other ways like saving money and providing with guide to that city. Shuttle Services