Unlimited Options for Front Truck Bumpers

If you own a Jeep, you may be looking for a way to make yours even more unique than it already is. You want your Jeep to look powerful on the road while also looking original and sleek. All this can be accomplished through a unique bumper system that can provide your Jeep many looks, giving it the demanding presence on the road a Jeep deserves. Black Steel Front Bumper

This affordable heavy duty front bumper system comes with many options for you to choose from. You can choose between the Winch Mount Base and the Light Mount Base. You can also choose from a short base that comes in two designs; the Integrated Winch Mount that you can use it with essentially any aftermarket winch, and the Light Mount Base that sports two light mounting locations. It isn't hard to see that you can construct your bumper the way you want it. You will realize the attachment which occurs between the short base and the frame. It is made possible by a D-ring which is fitted with a four bolt frame system that’s you an extremely tough bumper attachment with two exaggerated pull points. And your short base even gives you two cutouts for your Jeep fog lamps. Vengeance Front Bumper

Another thing you may want to take into consideration when installing this incredible bumper system is standard ends that can turn your short base bumper into a full-size bumper, and the fit is so seamless no one will know. But most importantly are your tubular options such as the Stinger, the RRC Mount Tube Bumper, and the Hoop Override. These are some super tough tubes, but just keep in mind if using the Stinger and the RRC; separate D-Rings have to be used to attach them to the short base. Another great option to keep in mind is that you can upgrade your black powder coated Hoop Override for stainless steel, especially if your Jeep is going to be exposed to the elements. Elite Accesories

Need a good rear bumper system for your jeep? No problem. With a special inner mounting plate and the choice of whether or not to have a tire carrier, you can be on your way to having a rear bumper just as tough as the front. Premium Front Bumper

Ford Trucks – The World’s Best

 Ford, the qualities that immediately leap to your mind when you hear this name are leadership, renovation, reliability, safety and also comfort. One associates the Ford icon with Cars, SUVs and the kind they call "Crossovers." Only the enlightened few shall tell you wchiwhichd also manufactures some of the world's best Trucks - The Ford Truck. Vengeance Front Bumper

The Ford Trucks come in different sizes and shapes. They are the Ranger, the F-150, the F-250 Super Duty, the F-350 Super Duty, the E-Series and the F-450 Super Duty, everyone of them stronger than the other and also pricier - in the order listed. The E-Series looks more like a Van than a Truck. The hauling power of these vehicles ranges from a modest 5,000 lbs (the Ranger) to an impressive 16,000 pounds (the F-450 Super Duty). Each vehicle, in its class, outperforms all other vehicles. The seating capacity in almost all the Ford Trucks is 6 with a maximum of 8-15 in the E-Series. For reliable, versatile workhorses, Ford Trucks are your clear choice. Vengeance Rear Bumper

With a reputation for dependability and performance that spans some eight decades, Ford Trucks have the technique and muscle it requires to have any labor executed. These vehicles have got an unbelievable work value orientation. Whether moving goods or lugging a shipment, they persist in performing, all day long if required.

A broad diversity of engine choices ranging from the modest 202 hp. 4.2 it. V6 that accompanies the F-150 to the great 5.4 it. Triton 3 Valve V8, which is common to the rest of the trucks power these Ford Trucks. Optionally available is the 6.4 it. Powerstroke V8 4-Valve Turbo Diesel; available for all these giants except the F-150. With the exclusion of the F-150, nearly all of the other Ford Trucks are outfitted with 6 Speed Manual Overdrive Transmission which streamlines the shifting of power from the engines to the wheels. The F-350 is equipped with a technically advanced TorqshiftTM 5 Speed Overdrive Transmission. Black Steel Elite Front Bumper

A wide variety of engine options ranging from the small 202 hp. 4.2 it. V6 that comes with the F-150 to the mighty 5.4 it. Triton 3 Valve V8, which is common to all of the rest of the trucks power these Ford Trucks. Optionally available is the 6.4 it. Powerstroke V8 4-Valve Turbo Diesel, available for all the monsters except the F-150. Except for the F-150, almost the remaining Ford Trucks are equipped with 6 Speed Manual Overdrive Transmission which makes the transfer of power from the engines to the drive efficient. The F-350 is fitted with a TorqshiftTM 5 Speed Overdrive Transmission. Black Steel Elite Rear Bumper

Protection is catered to using Securilock Anti-theft Ignition and Advanced Security Group which consists of Auto Lamps, Remote Keyless Entry, Illuminated Entry System and a legion of other characteristics.

The Ford Truck Keychains are some of the most fine-looking add-ons that harmonize with the Ford Trucks and at times, the best gifts that you could buy for your acquaintance, an object guaranteed to be kept as endearing memoirs. They are formed in three distinct materials: metal, leather and chrome and are available in the assortment of shapes.

Need to buy Truck Bumpers?

A lot of people want to buy truck bumpers these days. They want to keep their vehicles looking good, so they want to buy truck bumpers of the highest quality. We will let you know more about the types of bumpers that you should buy these days. So read on this awesome article. Black Steel Front Bumper
Easy to Use
A bumper must easy to use and easy to put together. Attaching the bumper to a frame should be easy too. Make sure that your bumper will fit many year models. The bumper shouldn’t need any modification at all. The part of the bumper should fit and go on without any kind of problem at all. Your bumper should also look gorgeous at all times. The bumper should not snugger to the body of the truck at all. The item should also be sold at a fair price, and you should compare the product to others High-quality Item. Vengeance Front Bumper
The item should have high-quality parts, as you shouldn’t buy junk out there. Make sure that the company behind the product will replace any part that is missing. If some bolts have trouble with some threads, you should be able to get the job done in no time too. The package should include tons of brackets. Some people prefer bumpers with a chrome finish, which is great for them. The item should come with all the hardware and brackets to mount. Remember that the installation of the bumper should also be something easy to do.  Black Steel Accesories
Buying a truck bumpers should not be hard. You can get what you want when you buy a high-quality bumper out there. Your bumper should be made of high-quality parts. The item should also be very easy to install from day one. Remember also that your bumper should not need any kind of modification at all, and this is something very important for you too. Premium Front Bumper

Truck bumpers

What is a truck bumper?

A truck bumper is a structure attached to front and rear of a vehicle or truck, and was invented by a British mechanical engineer Frederick Richard Simms in 1901. Initial the bumper was designed mainly for cars, however in 1967 the NHTSA regulated the instalment of a rear bumper on trucks after the death if Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield in a motor vehicle/truck accident. The bumper is usually made of a plastic mould which consists of a steel re-enforcement bar underneath. However not all bumpers are designed the same as truck come in various shapes and sizes, and each bumper is designed to fit the shape of the truck. Premium Front Bumper


What is the purpose of a truck bumper?

The main purpose of a bumper, front and rear, is to absorb the energy of a low collision impact. This does not apply to high collision impacts. The purpose however of a truck bumper is not only to absorb energy in a low collision impact, but also to prevent underride collisions with smaller vehicles. Truck bumpers, especially for large scale trucks, require the bumpers to be at least 22 inches from the ground. Black Steel Front Bumper


Regular maintenance 

After 1967, although it was a requirement for trucks to have both front and rear bumpers, there was no regulation for the maintenance of this bumpers, especially after the bumper was dammed. However, in 1996 regulations were placed for regular maintenance of the truck bumper, and more so recently in 2015. 


If you are a truck owner, it is crucial to ensure that your front and rear truck bumpers are regularly maintained and replaced if required. If the truck bumpers are not maintained this can cause a safety hazard, as there are close to 500 people who die due underride collisions annually in the united states. Black Steel Rear Bumper