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Car bumpers today are not as tough as they used to be. Back in the day, steel bumpers used to protect cars. These days, plastic bumpers are the norm, with bumpers generally composed of a plastic cover over a reinforcement bar made of aluminum, steel, and fiberglass composite, or plastic. Bumper systems usually include a crash absorbing mechanism made of plastic honeycomb or foam material that is more commonly known as "egg crate".  Premium Front Bumper
Bumpers are every motorist's first line of defense during low speed collisions. Experts agree that most bumpers can effectively protect a car from serious damage during crashes up to 5mph, which often involve parking lot crashes. With the kind of materials bumpers these days are made of, it doesn't take a lot to damage them. Thousands of low speed collisions happen every day in parking lots and heavy traffic areas - racking up to 14 percent of auto damage insurance claims in major metropolitan areas. Black Steel Elite Front Bumper
Damaged bumpers are not just unsightly; they can also significantly reduce a car's resale value. Good thing, with the latest technology, car owners need not burn a hole in their pockets just to have damaged bumpers repaired. Although not as tough as steel, plastic bumpers can be repaired without losing their strength at the hands of a well-equipped and skilled bumper repair expert.  Black Steel Front Bumper

With the growing popularity of mobile bumper repairs Adelaide, minor car body restorations can be carried out at any time or place a car owner wishes, whether at home or at the office. This service is perfect for busy professionals who do not have time to take their cars and leave them in body repair shops for a day or more. With these mobile services, dent repairs Adelaide usually just take about an hour, and the technician doesn't even have to remove the bumper from the car. In fact, most minor aesthetic damages to textured and plastic bumpers can be professionally repaired in just a few hours - saving more time, effort, and money. Vengeance Front Bumper