Understanding The Important Role Bumpers Play

A lot of people think of bumpers purely as an aesthetic element of any motor vehicle. However, numbers are so much more than that. They are your first line of defense should an accident occur. They are just as important, if not more so, as seatbelts and airbags. We can blame car designers for the assumptions about bumpers being there to complete the look because this is where a lot of the exterior design elements come to play. Your car, SUV or truck gets it's sleek or aggressive looks mostly from what it's front silhouette looks like and what the design of the bumper. Black Steel Front Bumper

How far the bumper has come?

Original vehicles did not have bumpers. Over time, manufacturers had to find a way to minimize the damage when a heavy duty vehicle like a truck has a head-on collision. The first numbers were heavy and expensive to manufacture. They also did not provide the necessary cushion in a head-on collision. As technology improved, the design changed as well. Bumpers became these structures made with light, but heavy duty materials often with a tubular grille and a winch mountain to handle rugged terrains. Truck bumpers would arguably be more rugged than standard numbers that are often made of fiberglass. Vengeance Front Bumper

Different types of truck bumpers and their purpose

#1. Front bumper

Front bumpers provide full frontal protection. These bumpers are typically made of steel. You can probably find interchangeable bumpers for specific brands like Ford and Dodge.

#2. Rear bumpers 

Rear bumpers provide protection in case the vehicle is hit from behind. Every manufacturer adds something special, but most of the time rear bumpers for trucks are the same. You can probably find one rear bumper type that fits all makes of heavy duty vehicles and trucks. Premium Front Bumper

#3. Grille Guards 



Grille Guards are the most heavily used part of the front guard. They may include things like fog lights. Grille guards can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

#4. Bullnose

A lot of SUV and truck brands provide their own special made bullnoses. For SUV's and small trucks, bullnoses can provide the appealing off-road rugged style.



If you own an SUV or small Truck that you like to go off road with, you should give a serious thought to the bumpers fitted on your car. Unlike car bumpers that are have become easy to find with the proliferation of bumper kits on the markets, truck numbers are a whole different ball game. It would be prudent to rather choose a professional who understands, knows and works with bumpers all the time. Black Steel Elite Front Bumper